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What can I do about this child?

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Cleo ,who is 11 has been on & off sick for weeks now.

Before Christmas she had a week off school with a temp,large glands,headache etc,& then 2 weeks of in one day,home the next.


This was repeated the last week of January coupled with dizzyness & crushing tiredness,although she was better much quicker.

She fainted a few weeks ago also.

Now she is home again with no energy,headache,looks pale & just not her usual bubbly self.


She has been to the Doctors twice & had a blood test for glandular fever which was negative.


She is on Minadex tonic,Echinesia (spelt wrong!) & a good wholesome healthy diet (Cleo loves food,especially fruit!)


To now I have not been unduly worried as I have had pretty much the same bugs as her at around the same time,but her Head teacher has just phoned to say that Social Services want to know why her attendance has dropped so dramtically :?

Oddly the same HT was in the local paper last week saying how may children had been off sick with all the flu bugs that are doing the rounds :?


What can I do to put her well & truly on the road to recovery?

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No Louise,but I had one myself a few years back & I remember that it knocked me out for weeks :?

Every year since then I have had a flu shot,but left it too late this year & they were all gone :(

It had crossed my mind - do you know if they can check for this in a blood test?

I can't remember how mine was diagnosed :?

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:evil: Why don't social services deal with things that genuinely need their intervention.


Sarah firstly I would look at post viral fatigue and also seek some complimentary help for her. Accupuncture or homoeopathy (what have you got to lose) the question will no doubt be asked...is she happy not being bullied etc. If she is ok then that's the route I'd take. Flu viruses can cause terrible after effects and depression, I developed anorexia many years ago after becoming so low after the flu. Not the cause but it took me down low enough to push the button.


Her immune system must be pretty low too, I had accupuncture after a terrible shingles attack 5 years ago and I have been great since. Just a thought and I know this is a hard time for you too.





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My son Jack had/has something similar to Cleo at the end of last year. Blood test came back negative :?


Our Doctor seemed to think that Jack's body was trying to grow, but his energy was being used elsewhere..... swimming, P.E at school, general teenage activities. As a result his body decided to shut down.


He had some time off school and when he returned he was not allowed to do any physical activites for 6 weeks.


Jack has multivitamins and a good diet, and plenty of sleep. We try to get him to go to bed at 9pm (not easy as he is nearly 15). This includes weekends and school holidays.

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Also Sarah, I wondered if she had started her monthly cycle? Though looking at her (in your blog) I would guess not. This might cause all the symptoms. She could be tested for iron deficiency.


Another thing to ask is the matter of sleep. Since she is the younger child, it may be that she stays up later than you would have let the older one. A shortage of sleep can add up pretty quickly over the week (as I'm sure we all know!)


She may be growing and developing in all sorts of ways, as yet not apparent.

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I am sure the diabetes would have come up in her blood test,but I will ask the question next time we go to the Doctors.


The funny thing with Cleo is that she is such a bright happy little girl,so you can really tell when she is unwell.She is just not herself.


Buffie - Cleo suffers from shingles attacks too,although she has not had one for a few years now.

She has had a huge upwards growth spurt of late,which I am sure has not helped her recovery from the virus or viruses she has had.

I think I will take her to the Doctor again,& also look into homeothapy (acupunture is out,she hates needles!)


Kids - never easy is it?

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Oh. poor Cleo and poor you too. What a worrying time for you.

I'd suggest diabetes is unlikely, she doesn't look overweight from her photos, so MODY (mature onset diabetes of young) is extremely unlikely. Type 1 diabetes is the most common presentation in youngsters, and generally it's onset is far more dramatic, extreme thirst, very unwell, etc, & any GP would pick it up themselves, or at the very least get the child to hospital for them to diagnose it. Type 2 has the more insidious symptoms such as Graham suggests, but that's generally in adults, or a small group of overwight teens (MODY). That said it certainly wouldn't hurt to check her out for it, generally a urine specimen gives a good indication, it can be dip-sticked in the GP's surgery, if there's any sugar in it they'd go on to a blood test.


Post-viral would be my best guess, but no clear cut diagnostic criteria as far as I'm aware, but she seems to fit the general description. Not a lot to do about it, healthy diet, plenty of rest etc.


As Buffie mentions though, just check that she is OK, happy at school and so on. Children can be very secretive at times, scared of telling tales or upsetting people. Check she's eating well too- do you all eat at the same time and does she really eat a good meal? You said she's 11, is she stressed because of forthcomng change of school, or is she already in Year 7, and if so has she adapted OK to the change?


I hope she recovers soon. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Good luck with it.

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It sounds like a post viral thing to me,but we are off to the Docotrs this morning just to verify this.


She is really happy at school,& has no friendship issues whatsoever.

Cleo is one of those happy people who gets on with everyone,& I have also checked about this with the school who have confirmed that all is OK.

No periods just yet,although her body chamges have started.

And she gets a good amount of sleep - Cleo falls asleep quickly & sleeps really soundly until the morning,never ususally waking in the night.

She goes to bed at 8.30 on school nights,maybe a bit later at weekends,& is up around 7am ,she wakes herself - we never have to get her up.


She is actually really looking forward to going up to secondary school in september,& when we got the letter through confirming her place on Monday she was delighted :D

We do all eat together,so I keep an eagle eye on her diet.She also has a good packed lunch on school days,& it must be said that Cleo LOVES her food :P

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Well,the Doctor gave her a very thorough going over & said that she had just been unlucky & got virus after virus,& she was not able to fight them off as she was weakend from being ill before.


Her glands are still swollen,but she has no chest/ear infectionor temperature.

She prescribed rest & good food - & signed her off schol for the rest of the week :?


THAT will please social services I am sure!


She also gave me a note to say that we had been & what she has prescribed,which I have handed into School.


So, I have done all I can, I just hope that the rest & vitam rich diet will help :D

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