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Poo in water

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we put the shell paddling pool out lovely and clean and two days later the waters BLACK.



I dont really want to pour the water out by tipping it up as its going to make the garden all muddy.


What can i buy to empty the water for you? like a suction pump or something??? Like a reversal of a hose pipe???


any help would be great!

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We just have to tip ours out and make the lawn all muddy!


Someone on here has dig a sump under their pond. lined with gravel and stones I think. You empty the pond into the sump and it soaks away rather than making the lawn soggy.


We're going to make a big soakaway around ours this summer......... I keep telling people that ducks are mucky creatures :lol:

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What about one of these http://www.toolstation.com/search.html?searchstr=Submerged+Dirty+Water+Pump


Not too sure how it works, but from what I can gather you press the button that is attached to the floaty wire and it and it sucks the water out, but I think you need to buy the hose thingy too, you attach it to the pump and you can drain the water down the grid, or water the garden with it :D.



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