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the weirdest thing...

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not long after I let them out this morning, bully girl Bluebelle started pacing up and down one side of the run for no apparent reason

then she hops up into the Eglu... first thing that pops into my head... she's going to lay an egg !!

minutes later Blackrock and Sussex stop what they're doing and stair up at the Eglu, this lasted about 5 minutes... then they went about their business again

5 minutes after that Bluebelle re-appears from the Eglu... I run outside, bung on the whellies, straight into the coop... AN EGG !! :D


it's a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but who cares... it's an EGG !!



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well done - and only just over a week since you got them! I had my first ones the last three days - all around 47-49g (normal 60g apparently) - but first ones can be smaller, so I am hoping they will get bigger.


How are you going to eat it? We have waited until today so we have 3 eggs - one each - it looks like two votes for fried and one for bioled in my household - well done



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Just a thought - I cannot remember where I read it as I seem to have read so much about chickens over the last month - I know you think your bluebelle is a big bully and mine is so placid (as we have said before) - I read somewhere that if one was laying before the others she does try and take control and the pecking order may change once they are all laying.


Given she has started laying first perhaps thats why she is being such a bully to the others - prehaps she will be better once the others start laying.


Enjoy the egg!



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this morning had 2 more eggs, but, they were both soft shells and not in the nesting box, they'd fallen through the roosting bars

this happened during the night so we don't know who laid them :?


one was smaller than yesterdays and the other was about the same size, but as I said, both were soft... almost like a small balloon full of water


need some mixed grit me thinks ?

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