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progress report no 2

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Hello To all fellow Chook Keepers.

It,s been quite a week here in Wardle.

Picked up our 4 girls on Sunday (Harriet, Thelma, Mable and Mammie.)

Got our first egg on Monday ( From Harriet) and have had six in seven days :o:D which is pretty eggspress????

Anyway have bought the 25 meter chicken wire from omlet which is expensive but really great to use and practical as it can easily be moved.

We let the girls out today for the first time and they really loved it.

Am a bit scared about foxes and have come up with this idea:

Comet sell a pro line radio for £6.99 which is a really great Radio, and we turn on radio 2 when the girls are out. Hopefully this will put off the foxes as they don,t like the sound of human voices (Elaine Paige on a Sunday afternoon

should do it !!!!!!

Will keep you posted on how this works.


Take care all.


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Glad to hear it's all going so well :D .


Not sure if you really mean to use Elaine Paige as your sole fox deterrent (it would deter me, but I'm not a fox :wink: ). Do still be careful as some people have lost hens to foxes while they've actually been around (although perhaps they weren't talking :think: ).


Anyway, nice to get your progress report :D .

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Think it,s a good idea even if it does not work as a fox deterrent as am sure plants benifit when you play them music.

Belive me when I tell you that my vegetable plants grow better with music than withought. Someone will proberbly want to lock me away!!!!!!

ps. we are abought to add another 8 chooks are we mad???????

Regards to all

Neil :roll::roll: :

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Cows give more milk if music is played to them apparently - but I think it depends what sort of music. I seem to recall a story on The Archers where Eddy Grundy's Country & Western was found to be beneficial. Now that really might make the neighbours complain!


My chickens are too busy talking to each other to listen to the radio anyway. They gossip all day.

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I have a wind up radio that I sometimes leave out with my girls.


They prefer Radio 4. :lol:


Mine like listening to the Freeplay too! Radio 4 of course. We obviously have a better-educated class of chook! :lol:


(I do quite secretly enjoy that Elaine Page musicals show though). :oops:

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My daughter complains that I listen to The Archers during the week and the omnibus on Sundays. She says I'm nearly as obsessed as I am about chickens! I have been known to have the The Archers on whilst out with the chickens, on occasion. :oops::oops::oops:


I do have Radio 4 on all day during the week, so hope I am forgiven for the odd Radio 2 foray at weekends (Jonathan Ross too, I'm afraid). :wink:

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hy hubbie downloads the archers via podcast onto his ipod thingmajig. He keeps trying to get me into it.


He was talking about some composting machine the villagers wanted to invest in but one of the women objected because they were going to put battery hen poo in it (even though the soil association said it was ok or something)???


I've probably got the story wrong but it did sound educational :D

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