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Do I need a run extension for 5 hens in a cube?

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I'm intending to let the hens free range most of the time but they will have to be in the run 3 or 4 mornings a week while I'm out and about.


Is the basic run really large enough for 5 or will they be cramped? I intend to either extend the run or build a fixed run a some point in the future but need to save up first and I'm worried that to begin with they won't have enough room



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They are all coming from Omlet - 3 gingernut rangers and 2 pepperpots. I did consider getting a mixture from a local breeder as I've seen several breeds that I'd like but my car is totally impractical for transporting chickens. :(


Thanks for putting my mind at rest. I can't believe that I'm worrying about them before they are even here :oops:



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