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How long for pecking order

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I know lots of people have asked this before, but, when the pecking order is finally established do they stop being so unmerciful to the one at the bottom? My cream legbar is scared to come out of the eglu as the black rocks just go for her straight away, I spent the morning yesterday batting them off just so she could eat & drink. The Wyandotte is so fast I should have called her Lightning not Lacey so she doesn't suffer as much. As I will be in the office most of the day I can't referee. The strange thing is come night time they all trot in the eglu good as gold and snuggle up together as if nothing had happened, only for war to resume as soon as they come out into the run!!!! :cry:

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Set up three food and drink stations...they won't be able to "man" all three.


Can you keep the naughty girls confined to barracks for an hour or so each day and let the legbar out for a bit of R & R?


They say peace breaks out after 3 weeks as a rule, but that will depend on the temperaments.


Another trick would be to let the legbar out with each of the black rocks, with the other one locked away, for periods, under supervision, for a bit of team building.



It will sort itself out eventually.



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As Egluntine says, I've always found 3 weeks to be the magic number - horrible the 1st week, a bit better the 2nd and by the end of the 3rd week mostly resolved with the odd wee 'reminder' who's boss.

The 1st time I introduced new ones I found the whole thing really upsetting and sat by the eglu with a water pistol and a stick trying to keep the bully away - now I just let them get on with it, but if I'm in the garden and see anything the bullly gets a swift one with the side of my shoe :roll:

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Thanks for the advise all, they do seem to have settled down a bit today they are all in the run together and OH has just reported that there was bit of a reminder of who's boss when Fang(the biggest black rock but not the one in charge!) came out from egg laying, so I will just persevere!!! :roll::roll:

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