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Silver Marans

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This is a Wheaten and Silver Wheaten (the one with more grey/black). I hatched them from eggs I got from a lady near Aberdeen so not much help to you.

In Practical poultry mag, under 'Beds, Bucks, Herts' is :


Broxbury Birds 01438 861518 - advertising Marans (doesn't say which type)


John Hammatt 01628 481051 Marlow - Wheaten Marans (+ other colours)


Nicola Turner 01923 852308 - Marans


Ivan Mears Milton Keynes 01494 261606 - Marans



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Wow - what gorgeous girls - now they've got to be added to my list.....

Mine too :roll:

I have a Welsummer. I'd try and look at some example eggs if possible/ask about the colour. I have a gorgeous Welsummer but not great success with the terracotta eggs. She lays some midget eggs in terracotta but the bigger ones are beige. :roll:

I think the breed is general is OK....but Megan is a bit neurotic and scared of garden birds and runs away if you throw food at her sometimes! She is utterly adorable though and is pretty with a golden "shawl."



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They lay very dark eggs, about 5 days out of 7 and are really friendly. I know you're not supposed to have favourites but those 2 are mine at the moment :D .


I hatched some Welsummers and got rid of them all - they were the most noisy, jumpy, nervy birds I've ever come across, never again!

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Fee those chickens are gorgeous, but there is a bit of an optical illusion going on! If they are sat on the deck then they are huge! But I think they must be sitting on a table or something on the deck :lol: I had to do a double take for a minute - they look like small ponies! :shock:

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