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How much to feed them?

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Sounds like a stupid question but we have 5 hens and we are unsure how much to feed them.


At the moment we are feeding layers pellets and putting 4 handfuls in the metal trough in the morning and then about 3 handfuls in the afternoon.


they eat it all.


Is this too much or should I be sticking to some sort of routine?


Any advice appreciated x

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Simple - if they're eating it all, try adding another handful next time. Repeat until they start leaving some.


They don't normally over-eat on pellets alone - just ration any treats you give them, or they will get fat and may stop laying. The usual advice is to only give them treats in the morning, but if you work full-time (like I do) that may not be possible this time of year, so I give them just a handful of corn (between 3) first thing in the morning to warm them up :)


Have fun with your new hens!

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[We have four chooks and they dont seem to like the pellets!!!!

Only one is laying and I was very worried about the amount of calcium in there diet but have to say that the eggs from the one laying chook are quite dense.

guess will have to whait and see what happens when the rest start to lay.

P.S. have been told from a free ranger that they eat very little whilst free ranging as they get most of their food grit and so one from the land. we also tend to give them lots of cooked vegie peelings/potatoes.

Thoughts and advise appriciated

Regards to all

Neil Wardle[/b]

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I'd cut back on the veg peelings and treats.


The usual advice is to keep them confined to the run for the morning where they have access only to pellets, and let them free range during the afternoon.


Give them a treat at bedtime.


They will start to eat much more when they come into lay..

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Hi Kelly,


Initially I weighed out 120g per chicken (as per back of layers pellets bag). I worked out how many scoopfuls that was and I work on that basis plus a bit extra. It seems pretty accurate as there is always a little bit left over. Having said that at weekends I get lazy and fill the grubs to the top and let them eat what they want. They won't over eat.


You mention you feed them twice a day. I only put out the pellets in the morning and leave them all day (before bringing it in at night to deter rats).

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