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The Bantam of the Opera

help and advice desperately needed.

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Okay so my dad has finally found his dream hotel/pub and we are moving there this summer, hwoever he has said my cockerels can't come because they'd wake up the peopel staying there.

i am willing to part with mr.pudding but i love snape dearly, my litle bantam, and i would do anything to keep him


is there anyway of soundproofing a chicken house?


do cockerels crow when they see light? could i blackout his house to keep him quiet?


any other ideas?


my dad said its acceptable if he crows after 10. can i train him?


i'd do anything to keep my little snaopey and he loves his girlies and it would be far too upsetting to split them up. :cry::cry::cry:

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give the guests complimentary earplugs? Is it a country hotel/pub? If so then people would expect a bit of country type noise, adds to the experience/atmosphere.


Does the new place have land? Maybe you could site the eglu a long way from the guest accommodation and not let your chooks out until around 8am?

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if you tell your dad you will religiously shut him in every night (even during the summer) and let your chooks out at a reasonable time (8am) because guests usually have their breakfast at 8-9am anyway so they will be up so he can make some noise then. :)


I've heard keeping them dark works, so being shut up till a reasonable hour may work? :)

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thanks everyone for supposrt and advice. i am really warming to the idea of having him inside in a soundproof box. i can't house them far from the hotel because they have to go next to the cottage were staying in.

the cottage is kinda attached to the hotel but not directly to any of them rooms, has anyone had any exprience with these soundproof boxes.

id like to know how quiet it can get them. ill keep him in teh dark too, wouldnt wan to restrict his movement like it advises on tehre though but hes a bantam as it is so his neck doesnt really extend much anyway :lol:


gonna do some more reasearch on the box, praying this works :pray:

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