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Chickens and Glass Doors

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Hi everyone,

My girls have very quickly realised that the grapes are kept inside and as soon as i open my back door they run in. I don't mind them being the back room...the only problem is they keep getting stuck being the open door. They go the wrong side of it, and as it is glass they seem to think they can get through. They get annoyed when they are 'trapped' and i have to guide them around it with food.


Is there any way i can stop this??

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I use a bit of expandable trellis to put across the doorways- a definate requirement during the summer months :D


I use the same thing, stretched out enough so that the cat can squeeze through.


The funniest thing I've seen is one of the chooks trying to follow the cat through the trellis, obviously not getting through as her body is a different shape, but as she walked forward she pushed the trellis so it fell over and as she was wedged in it she tipped forward and ended up flat on her face on the floor. :D .



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They are VERY amusing. Mine are always trying to come in through our glazed conservatory door. I can see them from the kitchen and they look across at me 'pittifully' (its awful if its raining - I feel really bad)

If they ever do come in - if I have left the door open - my 2 dogs chase them out. The chickens are VERY persistent though and they don't seem to mind the dogs one bit.

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I feel guilty too when they stare at me through the patio windows - they are banned from coming in all winter beacuse I have a rather expensive rug in my living room! but in the summer when the rug gets put away they occasionally get to have a wander round although they do tend go skating across the tiled floor if they get too enthusiastic :roll:

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