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dogs and chickens

and another thing.....?

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Sorry to ask you all so many questions! You don't seem to mind :D


I have my cube with extension arriving, I also have a bag of food and a bag of corn coming. I have six chickens coming as well. I already have some straw for the nest boxes.


What else if anything do I need to get? Very worried I have forgotten something! :roll:


The run is going to be in our orchard on the grass and will be moved regulary (how often? I've read every 2-3 days is that right?) so no need for a base (I hope!). We also have a grit feeder and grit coming. Plus I have a large'ish pan that I was going to put our ash into for their dust bath. Is this OK?


What have I forgotten????


Many Thanks

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Oh and bottle of wine to celebrate your new pets :)



I knew I'd forgotten something the day I got mine!!!! :D:D:D:D


Michelle, I have no experience of moving the cube, but I did originally try to move the eglu regularly, and the chooks (there were only two of them) really made a mess of the grass in no time at all... I found them much better on a permanent surface.

Sounds like you've well prepared.... I hope you enjoy it as much as we did (probably more if you follow the wine advise)... :)

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Just so I get this correct...... Thats' a bottle each for OH, Myself, each of the chickens and both the doggies, We will have a great day! Now that's 10 bottles, Oh dear we will need more people to drink it all :lol:


Seriously though I'll stick to my normal G+T and let OH have both bottles of wine! He won't notice any extra chickens that way!!!!! :wink:


So red mite powder, what do I do with that or it a just in case?

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So red mite powder, what do I do with that or it a just in case?


It is a preventative really. I just sprinkle some on the ends of my roosting bars every time I change them, I have two sets. When the weather gets warmer I shall dust my chickens with it once a week, as I believe red mite is more prevalent in the warmer months. Red Mite powder has a lovely rather addictive smell :oops: "My name is Tessa and I sniff red mite powder" :oops::roll:



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