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Chicken on a mission

Organic fruit & veg

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I just got my first organic veg and fruit delivered.


Unlike the kids on Jamie Oliver's programme, my 3 year old knew what everything was once we'd washed the mud off (except the beetroot)although she did explain to me that it had 'soil' on it because it grows in the ground.


I am so chuffed with her. She loves to help me cook too and did a fair bit to make our first quiche in which we discussed where all the ingredients came from and how the mixture changed once it was cooked.


She then went out to treat the chooks to some outer cabbage leaves.


Just watching her do this simple task nearly had me in tears. I would love to have a good clean country life but we just can't afford to move so we are making the best of what we can do.


We have made some major changes to our lifes since the new year and yet have so far to go. Thanks to this forum amongst other sources our lifes are definately changing for the better 8)

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thats fab!


I used to get my organic veg delivered from riverford, and it was fabulous. however they did not realy deliver anything else!


I now get a weekly delivery from www.organically-speaking.co.uk and they deliver meat / fish / dairy / dried goods / cleaning products / home stuff


So litrally everything in our house is now organic and enviromentaly friendly (even my loo roll and toothpaste)




oh.. and they doo "refills" on things like surface cleaner / washing up liquid / soap / detergent! 80p a refill!





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Organicaly speaing looks good Kaz. Lucky you living in the area!


I wouldn't go without my organic vege box now. I love opening it and seeing what suprises we have each week. I must admit though, there has been occasions when i've had to get the next door neighbour round to identify something or to advise how to cook it :oops:

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I have a really amazing company for my organic veg box called Abel and Cole.


They are a really excellent company and have all types of produce. Another thing about them is they have an online site. So if you get too much left over of a particular vegetable and you dont want anymore of it that week you can ask them not to deliver it.


You can also put in your likes and dislikes, which is brilliant if there is something you really cant stand!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

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