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Nicola O

Freezing Eggs !!

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Had a discussion with Mum last night about wether you can freeze eggs.


I thought that you must be able to but not in the shell. Mum thinks that you should just be able to pop an egg straight in the freezer. I suggested that as water expands when it freezes, that the egg-white could do so as well and it would 'burst out' of the shell, but was told that that was 'silly'.


For some reason this got quite heated as both of us believed that we were right, so in the end I said I'd ask you lot as some of you must have tried it at some point.


Perhaps I'll have to arrange an experiment and see what happens :D



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I have not tried this myself however, I was readingin my chicken book about this yesterday. You can freeze eggs! You can put them straight in the freeza in there shells but they will crack! Although this will not matter as the white will be frozen by this point! You have to peal the shell of while still frozen, so the shell does not end up in the egg! You can also crack the eggs and pop the contents into a seperate container and freeze that way.


Do not freeze cooked eggs as they will taste like rubber!!!


Hope this makes sense and helps!

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Thanks for that Michelle, I'll try it out.


I'll have to let mum know that we were both right.


This winter egg numbers have been so low I thought I could freeze some towards the end of the year so I'll have some to use during the 'lean period'. I suppose I could try pickling some as well.


I have just got four more chooks so hopefully it won't be so bad this year.



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You can freeze them successfully, but I have usually only frozen the whites (when I've needed the yolks for something else and had them left over).


I suppose there's no reason why you couldn't freeze the yolk and the white together, but I would recommend cracking them into a plastic bag and freezing that instead.


I think the shells would crack, if you froze the whole egg, and once that's happened the contents could get contaminated. Also they would be quite vulnerable in the freezer and would roll around everywhere!

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