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exbatt plunge....

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After deciding to get some more chooks, and asking my daughter to think of what she would like to do (she's the chook owner in the house), I was delighted that she decided to get ex batts... I had to explain to her what they were, and asked her if she wanted those or 'ordinary' (not meant in a derigatory way) chooks, and she is adamant that it has to be the ex-battery chooks... I was happy with her decision, as that would have been my choice too...

So we took the plunge... with all the success of ex batts in the media recently, I kind of expected to be told that there were no batts available for the long term future, but we have a date booked for end of April...


I am feeling very excited about this... we've had our two chooks for over a year now, and now three ex-batts to come... heaven...


Just had to share the excitement :D:D

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