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Olive trees

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I've had two strokes of luck today. The first was when the council were emptying out an old property at the back of us. They were going to throw out an old belfast sink but were happy to donate it to me! :D

I was then wondering what I should use it for and on a trip to Lidl I found an olive tree for £2.99. Ok it's only about 6" tall at the minute but a good bargain non the less. I think it would look lovely in my newly aquired sink.

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I have an olive tree outside on my patio. It did have fruit when I bought it but has never fruited again, though I do get lots of lovely flowers like Nicola! Even if it does fruit I thought they have to be processed quite a bit to turn them into the olives you buy? It was part of my mediterranean theme, just need the weather now to go with it :roll::roll:

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I'm not desperate to get olives. I just really like the shape of the tree and it's leaves. I have a variety of exotics in my garden each bought for colour and leaf shape.

It would be nice to get olives eventually, if it ever bears fruit. No rush though.

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