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Cate in NZ

Free range chicken

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Who says they can't afford free range chicken :?:shock:


Suddenly (with the departure of hubby) my income has plunged to such an extent that my outgoings exceed my incomings by more than £100. How much over depends on variables like the size of my phone bills.........but I'm ringing NZ at scarily regular intervals.........the phone bill will be ginormous :shock:


So I'm on a severe economy drive, but can't in all conscience lower my standards when it comes to meat.


Sunday I needed to make a big fuss of MIL, her son has gone and she's even more devastated than me (if that's possible). I couldn't afford the customary restaurant meal, besides which son was playing football at lunch time which spoilt that plan. So I bought 2 small free range chickens from Asda :twisted: (rarely go there, but one of those lthis led to that, led to this kind of tales). Anyway, 2 teeny little chickens, 1 cost £3.26, t'other cost £4.33. Neither looked big enough for a meal for 4..........so I got both.


Out of those we had.


Sunday: roast chicken & salad with boiled post for 4

Monday: chicken sandwicjhes for lunch for 4 (MIL took herself several slices before we left with the leftovers)

Tuesday: chicken, bacon & mushroom pasta (for 3)

Wednesday: just had a yummy chicken curry with tomatoes, onions & spinach (for 3, but there's a couple of portions left over for freezing.

and I've just boiled up the stock to make a soup :D


Less than £8 and a few store cupboard bits and I've fed a family of 3, plus MIL for 4 days and soup to come. Bargain :D:D:D


You simply don't get a cheap broiler chicken to stretch that far. Oh, and these tasted great as well :wink:

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well done, and the good thing is....you got the best out of those chickens by using every single bit! :D


You are right - anyone can afford free range if they tried.


I watched wife swap this week and a family of 8 (from Devon) ate everything organic and they all managed.

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Kate slightly O/T but have you tried skyp (sp?? :oops: ) for international calls :?


I am not sure how you do it but the MD of one of the companies I work for does it all the time and it is FREE international calls but you have to do it via a computer 8)


Back OT it is amazing how you can make so many meals out of a decent chicken :lol:

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