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Ex-batts not laying

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My ex-batts have stopped laying completely. Not a single egg for over two weeks!


I did wonder if they were eating them but there is no sign of any shell. I have put eggs into their nesting box to test this theory out but they haven't touched them.


I have weaned them off dry layers mash and wondered whether this might have anything to do with the lack of eggs.


All my other hens are laying like mad.


Any suggestions?



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My ex battery girls laid regularly at first, then they realised it was OK to have a day off, chill out a bit, and grow a few new feathers :lol:


I wouldn't worry too much, if they are eating well, and acting normally then they are probably just recharging their batteries, and will start again soon :)


Karen x

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Do they freerange :?::?: - they could be laying somewhere in the garden instead of the nestbox :?


If not, if they're all looking OK.......red combs, clear eyes, eating OK, then they're probably just taking a break.....quite normal


One of my ex batts has stopped laying in the last few weeks but I noticed some new feather growth on her which would suggest she has had a mini moult - she'll come back into lay when her new feathers have grown back :D:D:D

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They only freerange after I come home from school during the week so no chance of a 'find' somewhere in the garden I'm afraid. They don't look like they are moulting either. It's quite puzzling really as there are no obvious signs of anything that would explain no eggs from 4 hens when we were getting eggs regularly from them at first. We have had them since December and their feathers have grown back beautifully.


I have made dry layers mash available to them again to see if that helps but perhaps they are just enjoying the high life a bit too much.

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Odd isn't it that it is just the ex-batts that have gone on strike. :think:


I agree with Eyren.....I would worm them all.......to rule that out as a cause.


Maybe the free ranging is causing them to not eat enough of the pellets.


Could you keep them confined to barracks for a day or two, or at least just the mornings, so that they tank up on pellets/mash and then it won't matter so much if they eat other stuff for the rest of the day. I'd cut back on the treats too for a few days.


I remember last year going away for the weekend and coming back to nest boxes literally overflowing with eggs, because they had been kept in the run and had eaten nothing but pellets for the 3 days. :lol:

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Same here Egluntine. Went away for 3 days and came back to 9 eggs from 3 chickens.


I would do as the others suggest Janty. Keep them confined to the run with just pellets and see how you get on. Maybe they are thinking of growing new feathers? Does seem strange that all of them aren't laying.




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I wormed them all at the end of February. I use the verm-x three day wormer and haven't had any problems previously. I think that the lack of eggs might be due to a synchronised moult. Just as they were looking great, I noticed today that there has been some serious feather loss and new feather growth. I am still putting them back onto dry layers mash to see if that helps and I won't let them out at all for a few days (not that they are getting more than an hour or two during the week anyway when I get home from school but I'll give it a go).


Hopefully they will be back to normal soon.

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