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Waitrose selling double yolk eggs

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These are on sale in waitrose at £2.15 (or it might have ben £2.51 :? ) for 6


The question is - how do they know they are doubles?????

They are massive eggs, & it says they sre hand picked to be double yolkers,but a few singles may slip through.

Do you think they have some sort of scanning process to check them?

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Hi there, I am not a specialist. They woudn't sell eggs like that here but I reckon that they must have a strong lightsource to detect a double shape or somewhat similar inside the egg. Just a question what's the point of having double yolked eggs? I prefer the yolk myself but are these genetically modified chickens that lay such egg or just an accident by nature :wink:

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We had around one double (and a triple!!!!) a week when our hens first started to lay, only 5 or 6 each, then they settled down to average 70g, with the bluebell making 75+ twice a week or more.


I could tell the doubles, though. They were truly massive compared to the above, and most had a bit of a rim around the middle of the eggshell, as if it had taken a special effort to extrude. They must be hand-picking them off the conveyor belt, all flocks must have a trickle of new young hens coming in to lay them, I suppose.

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I would love a blue egg layer, & a double yolker would be a real bonus !


No double yolks from Phil yet, but her blue eggs really are something special. Of course that might have something to do with having to wait so long for them, but still I always get excited when I see a blue egg in amongst the browns :P I think they taste better too, richer somehow 8)

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I like the descriptions of your chickens cookie! What does she think could be in the shed? :?


Thanks Choccy! :lol:


I think GNR thinks that the shed is full of hidden stores of sweetcorn and mealworms or something.


Whenever I go to open the shed door, she's there trying to sneak a way in. I don't let her becasue its full of sharp tools, and nasty things like old tins of paint, so of course that just makes her more intruigued I'm sure :roll:


Gloria's too busy looking for worms to bother about the contents of the shed, so its definitely an obsession for Betsy only.



Cookie. xx

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