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Queen Bea?

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thought I'd bring Bea in for a bit of a fuss and a cuddle this afternoon. I sat on the floor in front of the chair in case she decided to jump off. She's the only one who will let you cuddle her! :D


I helped her get some of the dander off her feathers on her underside. I'm not sure if she can get to that area as a lot of the feathers still seemed to be encased.


After that I thought I'd try her with some sultanas to see if she liked them. She nearly had my hand off! So I gave her a few more.


I've popped her back in the run now, ready for bed but I can see us having further cuddles tomorrow. It really cheered me up, just what I needed :lol:





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hi cathy :D


well, there's a bit about her here in my blog




and then I posted this a while ago when I was concerned about her appetite




I can tell she wants to be friends with the other girls but they do peck her still. We let them all out in the garden together, when we can be there to make sure she isn't attacked, and she sleeps with them no problem but we can't leave them alone together during the day. I don't think we'll ever be able to fully integrate her, we'll keep trying but in the meantime I intend to bring her into the conservatory now and again for a bit of human company and pampering.

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She does look very very happy sitting there :D:D:D


All my girls love coming indoors from time to time for a little extra love and pampering.........I'm sure some of them feign injuries/illness just so they can come in :wink::D:D


Chickens are a great antidote to the stresses of life - 5 mins with them and all your worries seem to melt away for a while :D

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she is one very lucky girl :D


thanks for the links, its a lovely story.


im sure she will get on with the others well enough, especially with the time and the patience that you have for them.


I love the pictures of her sat on the blanket, she does look kinda regal doesnt she :lol:




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