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Update: Found now! [the red eglu owner in Hillsborough]

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OH discovered a new mark 1 eglu at the end of our road today! Is there anyone in Hillsborough, Sheffield who has just got a red eglu (possibly second hand) recently? :D


How did he discover that ? Is his name Tom? :lol:


Or maybe he is a window cleaner? :wink:

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Great idea Jane! I like that. I must admit to looking for Eglus in back gardens when we're on trains or on a drive out. I thought I was just sad but knowing everyone else does it makes it a very trendy passtime! Thanks folks :D !


Thank you Kate, that is such a relief! My companion on the train did a lot of the rolling eyes routine when it became obvious what I was doing! :lol:

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OH seems to know lots of random stuff I would never know about otherwise :)


You can see the eglu if you walk past the house SLOWLY :oops:

There is a passageway between houses onto some shared gardens and it is on the side nearest the pavement...

behind a hedge :oops: BUT you can see it easily as you pass if you know to look for it at the right moment. :wink:


It's quite exciting, there could be a potential chicken buddy just metres away from my house :D

John said he only saw one chicken though :? you would think that isn't natural for chickens, so hoping there is another hidden away.

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