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Absolutely gutted

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:cry: I am so annoyed. I wasted eggs - I was trying to make scotch eggs. I know you're supposed to deep fry them but hubby said that when he made them at school they put them in the oven. I thought I would do this so that they wouldn't be so fattening but the sausage meat just broke and started sliding away from the eggs - it looks as if I threw them at the wall before I baked them :roll: I even made sure I got a good brand of sausages :?
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What a pain. - I must admit I have never tried it myself (always seemed like alot of hard work) I have read that they are deep fried.

I remember that we 'lost' the first 3 eggs that my chooks laid :cry:

We were devistated -as my daughters had wanted to take photo's of the eggs !

The first two eggs got trampelled on by the other chickens - when they laid them in their pen :(

The third egg (I got so eggs-cited) I dropped it

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Thanks for all your messages guys - you've cheered me up :)

I think I will still serve them for tmrw lunch after all - I will say "no I didn't try juggling with them :roll: they're meant to look like that - it's the home-made look" :lol:

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