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buying eglu run?

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Was looking at the eglu on ebay on its own no extras and wanted to price it all up. Looks like it will still be £250 with courier collection. Many Thanks will keep looking for one nearer for sale or will hang on till July and buy a new one. Many Thanks xx

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Just out of interest do you think Omlet seel the Eglu without the run,for those of us with pens?


It has just occured to me that I won't need a run,& I would dearly love an orange Eglu :P


I'm sure they would. They're watching the shape of their market develop, and so far they've been pretty quick to respond to those changes - spare parts (roosting bars, clips etc.), standalone runs, new extensions. They're still small enough they can do anything they want. When they get bigger than Google it might be a problem, but until then my money' on it being possible.

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