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Does anyone own a QASHQAI?

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My Hubby is a big bloke too - he is 6ft 2.

We recently traded our big old Merc for a brand new Fiat Panda, which he finds really comfortable to drive. I love it too - its a fab little car.

He has oddles of head & leg room in it, & strangely its the only car we have ever had where he doesn't need to adjust the seat after little 5.4 me has been in it.

The children actually have more room in the back for their long legs (they are both teenagers), & it is soooooooooo cheap to run :P


I would recommend it to anyone.

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We looked at a quashqai - they are nice. But we went for a Xtrail Arctix - 1.73 turbo diesel with intercooler , as we thought this better to pull our caravan & hubby liked a lot of the features. I have to say we are very very happy with it. It drives like a dream - has a great sized sunroof, is very comfortable & the side steps & roof rails are very snazzy! We went for black & it really is nice.


Why not test drive a quashqai & an xtrail - before you decide?



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My husband (5'11", does a lot of driving for his job as a publishing rep and needs loads of boot space for boxes of books) really really wanted one for his replacement company car, but they said it was too expensive :(


He now has a Mondeo - boring but practical!

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