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Rolo Rabbit

More pics of our lovely girls

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We've had our first day with them and it's been lovely despite the weather. They seem to be getting used to us very quickly and are already establishing where they are in the pecking order.


This is Shirley . We reckon she's at the bottom of the pecking order. She's always the last to try anything and is quite nervy but she has eaten out of our hands. Here she is emerging from the coop 2008_03_09009.jpg

And here she is again2008_03_09005.jpg

This is Bella2008_03_09003.jpg

and here's Babs again. She is definitely Top Hen and is very brave and friendly. My hub and I have already had a little cuddle with her. She wasn't particularly keen but put up with it.2008_03_09011.jpg


And because I know how much you lot like fluffy bottoms, here's Bellas:2008_03_09017.jpg


While I'm here could you have a look at Shirley Sussex's comb and see if you think she's anywhere near laying...?!?

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Day 2 and I feel really sorry for our chooks. They've had horrendous storms all night, came out for breakfast and now gone back in again because it's getting even worse out there. They'll be packing their bags and wanting to go back where they came from. :( I'm miffed because I was really looking forward to sitting in the garden for a bit of chicken watching. And according to the forecast it's going to pretty bad all week.

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