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I had to take my lab (blue) to the vets

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Mine paid out in ten days, but it was a very very difficult ten days being £900 out of pocket.


I got some advice when I picked up the last kitten (who has a septic bottom at the moment - lovely) which was not to tell the vet he was insured. As it happens, he isn't yet as I'm in the two week window between old insurance running out and new insurance kicking in, but it's amazing how Cleo's bill came to just under the limit for her policy but Nero only cost £40 to have a long consultation, several jabs and some medicine to take home. :?

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Ouch! Luckily my vet does follow up consults for free, so I'm only getting charged for the extra antibiotic jabs for Nero's botty. My vet has been extremely nice to me ever since I started bringing him eggs....might be worth a try?


bet it makes you wish you'd just got the needle and thread out!

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