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following on from the egg dance....

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My hubby and I have been having a heated debate about whether we should try introducing golf balls (or similar) to the nest box to encourage our girls to lay. I said no, he said yes....the girls are about 18 weeks or maybe a bit older. Florence and Gretta have now got reddened combs and wattles, although still small, are definitely there in comparison to Mable's, she has not started to redden up yet.


I am probably being too impatient and should just "chill". The phrase "a watched pot never boils" springs to mind. :x

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Putting fake eggs in the nestbox may encourage them to lay in the nestbox rather than somewhere else, but it's not going to make them start laying - they are just waiting until their bodies are ready.


You could always point out to your husband that they are just teenagers at the moment, and he wouldn't want to encourage teenage pregnancy in the household, would he? :)

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