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My daughter has fallen in love with 8 babies hatched at the school I work at. We have custody of them tonight and tomorrow.

My questions is : how difficult is it to care for 1 week old chicks? I have no idea which breed they are.

Said daughter would like to adopt 2 of the babies, but we can only do this if we can be sure they are girls and they won't get too big - we already have 3 in the Eglu.

I think I can feel a cube coming on!



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I don't know much about rearing chicks - someone else on here will doubtless be along shortly who knows all the ins and outs! I'm fairly sure they wouldn't be able to go in with your existing girls for another few months.


However do think very carefully about what you would do if they turn out to be cockerels - you could be quite attached to them by that time.

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Hi :D .


I presume if you have 'custody' of them tonight and tomorrow you have them in some kind of brooder with a heat source?


They need to be inside for up to 6 weeks, gradually being weaned off the heat source, and obviously need a supply of clean water in a shallow drinker, and chick crumb to eat.


I think schools usually hatch breeds that can be sexed at hatch - what colour are they?


They do give off a lot of dander - a fluffy dust that coats every surface. Mine are in the utility room which I damp dust every 2/3 days.


I put my chicks out into a growers run (within the garage) and eglu at 3 weeks. The big ones can always see them through the mesh but aren't 'introduced' until 10-12 weeks.

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