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Wet pellets

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Hi all,


After all this gross weather, got home yesterday to find the pellets were completely soaked and turn to mash type stuff! :roll:


Do I need to replace them all with fresh pellets or will the chooks just peck away at the wet pellets? :? Could be the quickest used bag of pellets ever if I have to throw away feeders full of pellets every day this week!

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Maybe replace the wet ones today, although I don't suppose a bit of rainwater will harm them, they drink from puddles anyway, and put out just enough for each day for the time being.


Have you not got a cover over your run?


I have never had this problem, even in the floods/deluge of last June.

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I do have a cover but it's not a winter shade so doesn't cover the side - need to buy one or get something from Ikea. Haven't got the time at the mo though so will have to just s"Ooops, word censored!"e out the ruined pellets if the chooks won't eat them.

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