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Guest Malcolm Y

Buying an Eglu

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Hi there. Well I'd say don't just think about it get one! :wink:


It's the best thing we ever did. :D I loved my green eglu so much that I got a second. I wanted it to blend but it depends what you like. Each colour can make a different statement.


Let us know which you choose!



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I am usually quite reserved and not at all modernistic is such things - but I decided to be a bit daring and bought an orange one first.


I didn't get it until November last year, and I must say that it really looks nice.


It brightened up an otherwise dull winter garden, and with the green winter foliage of the conifer hedge (boring but came with the house) it looks great. In the summer the flower beds will be full of yellows, and blues and reds, like most summer flowers, and those will contrast wonderfully with the Eglu in the background.


At the weekend I bought a green MK2, a second hand one, and again it looks lovely, next to the orange, but might be camouflaged else where.


All th colours are lovely. I depends where you are going to site in your garden I guess.


I have brown hens in the orange Eglu, which is a nice colour combination, and in the green one, lavender, orange, and black speckledy batams.


So if you are into design, and colour co-ordination pick one that does not clash with you hens or surroungings :lol::lol::lol:


(In case you think that I am some sort of control freak, the above was all tongue in cheek - but as an afterthought the logic is actually true. I picked orange because it was daring for me!) And it really looks cool 8)8)


Don't do green do a real colour. I want all of them and purple too

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Thinking about it, MURDO, why don't you run another poll :wink: !



Whaddya mean - I'm over here ?



Alright I admit it, it was a wind-up. I didn't think anyone would respond at al - I thought the overwhelming reaction would be NOOO!


The Managing Director did say SuperKate would spot it at once. I said she wouldn't check straight away, but there's no hiding from those super powers. Shame on me for doubting.


I did think of hiding my IP address behind a public proxy to make it more difficult, but that would have been cheating.



Apologies and free pizza all round.

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