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Long Grass

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Hi All

My garden is rather unloved :( . We don't so much as have a lawn as clods of grass in various places :oops: . The grass length varies but is a maximum of 20cm long in places.

We are doing up the garden but don't have a lawn mower, and it will take awhile etc. etc.

My question is - if the girls peck at this length of grass will it cause them problems with impacted crop? They are in their run (which is on grass) for most of the day, so their main diet is pellets, although they do strip the grass in their run area.

When I let them out they nibble at more grass, some leaves, peck at the soil and really annoyingly seem to be intent on eating the pebbles that are round the house.

I give them either raisins, sunflower hearts and corn as treats (daily if I can). And when I noticed that the grass in their run was stripped bare and they were trying to nibble at the grass through the bars, then I popped lettuce in the run which they devoured.

I've had the girls since second week of Feb. and they came from Omlet POL. although no eggs yet...

Thanks so much

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i did use straw once when we first started out and now i've changed to hemcore.


I dont want to alarm you but someone's chicken recently on here had a crop operation and it was full of a straw lump which had to be surgically removed. :?


Im just wary of straw, not everyone's chooks will eat it, suppose you have to be careful though :)

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found the other thread - (under Geraldine has gone to the vet)


heres a quote about straw


Geraldine ended up having surgery this morning - the vet tried to get the lump out, but couldn't and we had already agreed that since she was being anaesthatised anyway, they should go ahead and operate if they couldn't get the lump out. Apparantly her crop was blocked with a tennis ball size lump of tangled straw (plus the maggots that we fed her to try and clear it). She's very weak (since she hasn't had much food into her lately it would appear), and staying at the vet again tonight - they're unsure if she will make it because she is so week, but if she manages to get through the night, she will be ok.

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