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Guest Dilly

Dressing a Quail - useful for anyone?

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I have now got a step by set guide on how to dress a quail. No graphic pictures.


I can post it on here if the mods think it would be a useful 'sticky' as it is applicable for all poultry really.


Or else I email it to individuals.


I know that Bronze would like it - I will send it to you first B



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Not had electricity all day - just come on again -will do it a bit later - got to go rescue my quails!


Will email you a complete list of all that they eat too!

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Well it was the nicest way I could put it, for people of a 'nervous disposition'.


I have been getting quit a number of requests from different forums so I will put it up on my website.


It will be in the Quail section which you can find under categories on the right hand side.


Give me a few minutes to do it though


It is in fact instructions on how to 'dress' any poultry or game birds for dinner :)

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Right it is on there now - but I have put it straight into the QUAIL section - I just couldn't put it up on the front page as a latest post - right after I had posted photos of my little yellow quail chicks this morning

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