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made a woodchip base - pics

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we have made a base to put the eglu on thought I would show you pics as we all like to see pictures :D


just got to paint the wood green



have left room for the extension that is on its way from omlet



the view I now have when washing the dishes



not easy to take photos as yard is so small and the other side is filled with debris at the moment. As you can see the girls are loving their new eglu. They are finally settled after being kept at my allotment then just on shavings on the yard while we built the woodchip base :)

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thanks chelsea, I have just been out and painted the wood and shed green will have to give it another coat in the morning though - I'm really chuffed with the eglu want another one or a cube so I can get more chooks but will have to wait til we move in a couple of years :)

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You've got an ideal spot there for the chooks. Are you intending to let them out of the run at all? They look quite comfy.


we have building work going on at the moment so when that is completed i can let them out but I have ordered a converter for the run so they will have more room. I miss cuddling them as I can only stroke them through the little door, I am thinking of putting mesh around the wood base and making a pen for them :D

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