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Shell colour suddenly changed

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I have searched for topics similar to this but failed, so apologies as I'm sure this has been asked before....


My gingernut rangers have been laying brown eggs, two days running I have had two completely white eggs instead. I don't know if it is from the same chicken or not. The first white egg had some blood on it :?


Is this normal? All 3 chickens are acting perfectly normally/eating/seem happy.


I have added a container of poultry grit in their run incase its a lack of calcium as they haven't had quite as much freeranging this week due to our atrocious weather.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

duh should have posted this in the Egg section- any Mod care to move it for me? Ta :oops:

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I've had one white egg from one of ours that normally lays brown eggs. Apparently the pigmentation is the last thing to go on the egg, and shells without the pigment are naturally white. The hen that laid the white egg had just been ill (she was hunched and quiet for 2-3 days, then perked up, and then laid the white egg).

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Thanks NClarie.


The first white egg seemed to be laid really quickly- chicken was in and out of the eglu in about 2 mins (annoying couldn't spot which chicken it was due to the horizontal rain!).


Presumably the eggs are still ok to eat (bit late seeing as one of the white ones has already been eaten) :roll:

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Maybe her hormones are picking up the pace as the days are lengthening, and the egg didn't stay in there long enough to get "painted"? :)


Probably not a calcium issue - I think just making sure they have a good all-round diet with plenty of protein and not too many fattening treats is the best thing at this time of year. And a bit of poultry spice will help to make sure her inner workings are in top condition :)

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My Pansy always used to lay a brown egg,but since her moult they are putty coloured (nowhere near as pristine white as Lilys eggs!), & the shell is often a bit rough too.

I reckon she is just getting back into the swing of things & the colour should get back to normal in time :D

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