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I haven't so far but have started to think about this. We lost one of our ex-batts a couple of weeks ago and everyone soon started about whether to get another one or two (or three) to replace her. I decided that, as we have four girls coming up to about 2.5 years old, including 2 ex-batts, perhaps we should wait a while. It is possible we may lose one or more this year and the egg production will fall off after this summer anyway so maybe in about six months....


Although I will let my girls have a happy and hopefuly long, retirement, I don't want to have lots of hens in the garden but no eggs.

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I am thinking along these lines. My original Omlet girls arrived just over a year ago, and have laid almost without a single day off, since last March.


However the ones I adopted in October, which are about a year older, went off lay for about three months over the winter. I really missed the regular supply of eggs.


I might add a couple more POL hens this summer, just to keep the supply going. (That's my excuse, anyway! :wink: )

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