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Mrs Frugal

Using the Omlet gallery

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USING THE OMLET GALLERY - the gallery is here


To post photos in the gallery, you first need to register with it separately from the Omlet forum. You then need to log in and decide which album you want to put your photos in. There are galleries for chickens, first eggs, rabbits, guinea pigs, meet the Omleteers and gardens/allotments. If you were wanting to upload a photo of your chicken's first eggs for example, go to the "First Egg Gallery" and click on the photo of the lady holding up the egg. This will take you into that album.


On the left hand side of th screen, you'll see a menu of options. If you only want to add one photo, click the "Add items" button. This will bring up a menu. If you click the "browse" button, you'll get a list of files on your computer. Select "My pictures" and this should then open a folder on your computer which contains all your photographs. Select the photo you wish to upload. You can add a caption in the next box if you wish otherwise it will just display the name of the photo as it's saved on your computer. Selecting "Add items" gives you the option to upload up to 5 separate photographs.


If you'd prefer to have your own album within our general albums, you can do this by selecting "Add album" from the menu on the left hand side. Choose a title for your album and a description if you want to and then "Create". This will make an empty album for you. Once this has appeared, open your album and "add items" as I explained earlier.

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