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I was just being nosy and looking to see who else was up this evening, when I spotted that between us we have posted 9980 articles. The big 10,000 approaches!


I'm tempted to log on tomorrow to be there for the 10000th posting but sadly will probably be suffering in the dentist's chair :cry: Only a check up but I really don't like going to the dentist.


btw, computer now has new RAM installed so hopefully fixed, so I'll probably be back to my late night posting. All alone last time I looked - bet you have all gone to bed at a sensible hour and won't have big black bags under your eyes in the morning :oops:

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Hi Jane, you're not alone!

So, I can sympathise re dentist..I'm procrastinating & must make an appointment. Hope it goes well tomorrow.


I noticed postings milestone looming. We could make history together, 10 each! But I should get of to bed. Glad you now have sheep in computer, & btw I think you type faster than me...I'm following your postings!


Best wishes, and hope you end up smiling!

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