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The Managing Director

Speckled chicken

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Ok I think there is a tacit agreement to avoid too much surreal tonight but what are you meant to do when the man announces 'OK I've produced a speckled chicken' (chicken or egg, still no one knows which came first but in this case the speckled chicken has come before the coloured eggs)


Anyway he's spent the day trying to produce a speckled chicken emoticon


think it's my easter present :roll::roll:

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It's very nice MD, would be a great emoticon for my Brie too :wink:


It's especially good to see Murdo working hard to redeem himself after the antics of the weekend.


Although I'm sure he could out a little something else as an Easter present :wink:


In fact :idea: Easter present to the entire forum, after the stress of the weekend, one little speckled hen emoticon.... and something extra special for the MD for Easter, slap up meal out or giant chocolate egg, or huge bunch of spring flowers..... or another chicken...... just a few ideas there 8):?8):wink:

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