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Help - I thought they were both boys.....

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Please excuse this if it seems a bit rude :oops: but I really thought we had bought two males. But on checking more closely I'm not so sure. I have taken a photo (which was not at all easy! :? ) and I'm hoping someone with Guinea Pig experience may be able to help. If all elase fails I think I'm going to hed to the vets asap.


They are only 7 weeks old, but I don't want any surprises if you know what I mean. If they are a boy and girl, I'm wondering what to do - should I get the male nutered or should I get another male and female and see if they take to their new companions. I can't stand the thought of them living on their own. Any advice is more than welcome :D



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this is a male piggie



this a female


THIS LINK MAY BE OF HELP TO YOU it's a link I was a moderator on for a fe wyears if you cant get into it pm me and i'll help you out...it has invaluable info and should help you a great deal, most of the info was gained from professional 's and owner experience... good luck hope this helps!!

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Thank you so much - I think, looking at those pics that I have a boy and a girl.


I'm totally confident that Toffee is a boy, but Fudge is the one causing me problems - we got them last week and they were both the same size, however Toffee is now looking bigger and fluffier.


They are now 7 weeks old - is that too soon to get Toffee nutered, and do you think they should be seperated yet to avoid any babies?

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just in case you dont find it

Make absolutely sure your pet has been correctly sexed. If you have more than one guinea pig and plan on housing them together, ensuring that both pigs are the same sex will avoid the many pitfalls and risks associated with pregnancy. Pet stores are notorious for sending home two "same sex" cavies that are anything but, so check yourself or have a vet check your pigs for you. Should you determine you have a male and female, separate them immediately whether you suspect the female is pregnant or not.


Boars (male guinea pigs) are generally larger than females, have smaller nipples, and when sexually mature, clearly visible scrotal pouches. Gently pressing on the belly near the genitals will allow the penis to emerge. A sow (female guinea pig) has a Y shaped opening which is usually sealed with a vaginal closure membrane.


In younger pigs, determining sex may be difficult. Waiting until two or three weeks of age may allow the pig to mature enough to make a determination easier. Small young male pigs have a donut shape to their rectum, totally round or slightly oval, and at the top of this donut, a little dot (sometimes described as an "i"). Place your index finger and thumb on either side of the genitals and gently spreading the area -- not much happens with a boy, but with a sow a definite Y appears and the base of the Y (under the "V") will spread quite a bit. Some females will have what has been described as a "pimple" (which might be confused with the dot described above). they can mate from around 3 weeks old so I suggest you move one of them now..

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Oh dear.


My sister bought what she was told were two female guinea pigs.


One got fatter and fatter and one morning they came down to find five babies in the cage.


The suspected father was put into solitary confinement, and when the babies were weaned, the one boy was put in with his "father".


A month or so they came downstairs in the morning to find 3 more babies had been born.


It turned out that she had indeed been sold two females originally...but one of them was already pregnant.


Fortunately they were able to find homes for them all!


The advice about separating them is best not ignored! :lol:

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I bought what I was told was a single boy pigger with looking to adopt another baby boy soon after, he was only 6 weeks old when I got him... we looked afterhim like he was gold dust and enjoyed watching him eat spinach..(they adore spinach)...one day while we were playing with him my daughter turned him upside down and said "mum Truffle is a girl" and something is moving inside her...low and behold she was a girl and was heavily pregnant..we had 5 babies and my daughter was able to sex them within 48 hours..clever thing..we have since done a lot of research on them and often go into pet stores and inform them that they have girls and boys mixed...they dont seem to care, but we stand and watch until they separate them...

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Well, our local vet fit us in this morning, and we do indeed have a boy and a girl. :lol:


We are heading to the pet shop for another cage, and have decided, rather than go down the nutering route we are going to get another young boy and girl (carefully sexed by moi) and hopefully introduce them so they have a companion.


I'll report back this evening and let you know how it all went :wink:

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how are you getting on with your piggies??? are they separated now do you feel happier? I hope you dod'nt think me bolshy in my answers or anything but if they are older than a year old the sows hip bones become fused and it can kill them mating them and her getting pregnant, as the babies gro so it puts strain on the hips and the actual process of giving birth can break the hips and kill the sow.... so I was trying to get a point across rather quickly..so sorry if I came across a bit harsh, but at least you took the advice and got it sorted....

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Hennymom :lol: no offence taken at all - I was so glad everyone offered advice as I was completely in the dark :-)


So the net, net, is we now have 4 guinea pigs - here are the new ones...




They are called Truffle (the girl) and Dude (the boy) they took to Toffee and Fudge really well, so now the girls are in one cage and the boys in another.




Unfortunately it ment cancelling the rabbitlu for the Guineas as I would have needed 2 and the budget wouldn't stretch - and we will have to figure out some outdoor accommodation for the summer - but we are loving our little pals.


It's so funny how they are all different. Toffee and Fudge are really loud, and greet us with squeaks and whistles whenever we walk by, Truffle is sooooo shy and Dude, man he is so laid back it's crazy!


Thanks again for all your help, you divert a disaster.


Jacquie x

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