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Mrs Frugal

Ethical Shopping Companies

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This site was recommended on another forum and I've just received my first order from them and am delighted.


One World Is Enough


All the products are from Fair Trade suppliers and delivery was in less than a week, minimally packaged which suits me fine as I can't abide excess packaging!


I just wish that the clothes manufacturers realised that we're not all 6 foot tall! Shorties like me have to take a needle and cotton to our lovely long tie dyed skirts so that we don't keep stepping on them :wink: . Gorgeous skirts though, nonetheless!!


If you've got any shopping sites worth visiting, please add them to this topic :D .

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I have tried the Ecover washing tablets, but found them dreadful. They left white streaks and smudges on the clothes and sometimes I'd open the drawer after a wash to find most of the tablets still in there, now soggy. I am now trying the liquid which seems to be working fine. I have only added Eco's laundry bleach to one load of white washing, but I was impressed with its effect. I shall try it again to be sure.


I have also just bought some Eco dishwasher tablets but haven't tried them yet. Any opinions?

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Kaz - thanks for the links, the greensystem site should finish with .com though I think, I couldn 't get .co.uk to work.


Mty Mum is currently looking into alternative energy so she will find it very useful :D

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