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Mixing facepaints

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It's the Scottish Cup Final tomorrow, and the boys are beside themselves with excitement, being HUGE Hearts supporters.


Their tops and scarfs are washed and ready, but now they have decided they want their faces painted for going through to the match. :roll::roll:


Typical! They couldn't have decided last week, when I still had time to get some decent face paints. The problem is, you can't buy maroon face paint, but I've managed to track down some red and chookiehubbie has managed to get some blue, so hopefully they'll mix together to make maroon!


The problem is, if they don't, do you think eyeshadow would mix with face paints till I get the perfect shade, or am I going to be up at the crack of dawn trying to track down more colours?!

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I remember Harry having his face painted like Spiderman once, he ended up looking like a zombie for about 2 days after, as the red and black paint wouldn't wash off properly. Poor thing :(:(


Suffice to say, we don't do face paints anymore


PS Sorry I can't be of more help

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I made the mistake last night of saying 'Wouldn't it be good if Gretna won on Saturday - a real cup fairy tale'




Not the thing to say in a houseful of Hearts supporters!

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Phew! Success! The red was dark enough, with just a teeny bit of the blue to gat the perfect shade! I now have 2 happy boys ready for the match - think Braveheart, only in maroon and white not blue and white!


Once I have dropped them off for their lift through, I will try and download the photos and get one onto here!

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