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Vine Weevils

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I've just found out why most of my container strawberries have died - vine weevils - loads of the b*******s :twisted::twisted:


Normally I'd have thrown all the compost away to prevent spreading the disgusting white grubs - now I have a brilliant solution.

I just tipped all the compost into the hen run. The girls had a whale of a time eating all the vine weevils and I was then able to collect all the clean compost to use again :lol::lol::lol:


It was so satisfying seeing the girls dispatching the vineweevils - they were very keen on them. Perhaps they taste like those big grubs they eat in Australia?

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Brilliant idea - and the girls obviously thought so.


I had one veg. plot covered with old carpet and today needed to move it. I had Jake standing by with his collecting pot and when he'd finished examining all manner of bugs through the magnifier he raced over and fed them to the chickens :lol:

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That is so frustrating isn't it Jane :evil: I lost a hanging basket to them a couple of years ago and it must have been the plant i bought from the garden centre as all the others I had grown myself and were fine. Like you I always bagged the soil for disposal to stop the spread but I like your solution will definitely do that if it happens again :lol:

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