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Gift ideas please

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Help, I need to buy a gift for my hubby's Godsons first communion, and I have absolutely no idea of what to get, so I wondered if anyone out there might have some great ideas.

He's 7 years old, and comes from an ultra Catholic family, (Dad's Italian, Mum's Polish) and they are planning on moving to Poland within the next 12 months if everything works out right for them.

I was confirmed as an adult (but I'm not RC) and for me it was a really low key event, a personal and religious celebration, but I've been warned that this is going to be an entirely different matter. It's been booked a year in advance, and a big party is planned for after.

So what do I buy him? I can't afford anything too much (funds are a little stretched at the minute), and most of the obviously religious things he recieved for his Christening, but I'd like to get him something nice to remember his special day by.

I'd appreciate any ideas please?

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Would you like the gift to have to have a religious meaning/connection Kate?


I'm not sure Gina, probably more along the lines of something to keep. I think that the family would value the religious idea more, but I really do think that he's already recieved most of the traditionally religious things, and, apologies if this sounds offensive to anyone, but surely there's only so many bibles and prayer books that a child is likely to need.

We did think of a big Dorling Kindersley style reference book to World Religions if we could find one, thinking that it may be interesting and support his future RE studies at school, but English is already his second language, and when he returns to Poland I don't know how great an idea an English language book would be :?

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As a very non religious person I am probably not best qualified to give advice here but......


My Sister-in-Law has married into a pious Cathoilc family & although we have never been invited to their childrens Christenings (hethens that we are) ,she did tell me that keepsake type gifts are what most people give.

So,maybe a photo frame or somthing like that would be good.


Everyone has room for a photoframe in their house,& a silver one shouldn't be too expensive.

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If you can get to a Christian bookshop (eg Wesley Owen) you might find something. A small book of prayers, a bookmark, a 'fish' or cross lapel badge, a poster with the Lord's Prayer on it.


This is something we bought for our 8 year old son last week at the Christian Resources Exhibition. http://www.evangecube.org/edemo.html He loves it! It has no language on it at all.

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