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Baby blackbird

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I found a really cute baby blackbird in the corner of our chicken pen today. It's resourceful I suppose, as safe from cats :roll: It sometimes hops out, flies badly, or gets fed by Mum. Here's a picture of it, and Trinny examining it closely (it's facing Trinny just to the left of the cane).

We have some sparrows in the hedge that collect chicken feathers (from the floor) for their nest too :shock:

N.B. not necessarily great for bird flu fraternising with wild birds :oops: was on the other side of the fence this morning I'm sure. :?



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How funny - for the past two days I too have had a baby blackbird that decided the eglu was home :D


When I went to put the girls to bed last night the little blackbird would not come out of the eglu. It then sat at the doorway as if to say this is my house now. The mum and dad were even flying in to feed him.


Thankfully today he seems to have gone, I am relieved as I did not want my cat to catch him.

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