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Could this be the last Big Brother Series?? POLL

Big Brother..The end?  

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  1. 1. Big Brother..The end?

    • Big brother has run out of steam?
    • Big brother will keep on running?

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Well from the news that housemates keep walking out of the house (and I don't watch it or read the newspapers) perhaps the programme is running out of steam


Channel 4 have had to launch lots of spin off show's just to keep the public interest and did the producers step too far by introducing (possibly deliberately) someone with turretts just to sensationalise?


What do others think??


This poll can run until the end of the current series to gauge omleteer opinion.

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Sadly Dan I think you're right. I'm not a BB fan, but my children are watching it, and so I find that it's on in the house a lot, and hard to miss as I pass by the TV. Some of it makes me feel quite uncomfortable, I can be as nosey as the next person, more so quite possibly :oops: , but watching people put under stress and behaving badly makes me feel a bit odd. I don't like it :( , but I do believe that it will run and run, getting crueller and more twisted each time.

Back to Bedlam :shock: A good analogy there Dan :D

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In the paper this morning Dan it was saying one of them has attempted suicide in the past (the one with 'the chest' I think) and another girl had to be sectioned due to annorexia (I didn't know they could do that) but no idea about another 2 with problems :?

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I think it has more seris in it.


After all it is hard to escape and that type of blanket coverage in the UK isn't easy to attain.


You either love it or hate it as there aren't that many people that can just stand in the middle and not be bothered either way.


I haven't actually watched any of this series other than the first one but if the producers find this one not to the taste there are plenty of people with creative leanings that can come up with new ideas.

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