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annie hall

newbie eglu lady newsflash

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Hi All,

More news. The eglu did turn out to be one of the new larger ones. Today we did a four and a half hour round trip to amanda in lincolnshire who works with the battery hen welfare trust. She sorted us out with three lovely warrens, all a bit thread bare but with mega personalities. They are all now cosied up in the eglu looking dead happy, and so are we.*

Will post pics tomorrow.



*happy that is, not cosied up in the eglu, its not that big.

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Annie, Congratulations on your three lovely warrens (like the names!) So pleased to hear that you have gone ahead with battery birds and will give them such a wonderful home.

Look forward to hearing more about them, and very best wishes for your 1st day with them, and the future,

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Well done Annie I hope your girls fluff up and fatten up i am sure you will give them all the TLC they need I would love to see some pics......The gallery isn't working at the moment, but if you use a hosting site like photobucket you can put pics into your messages in the nesting box as long as you down size them first ............. :lol:

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Well done Annie

Love the names :D

I was going to ask what the new eglu is like, but you won't have seen one of the originals to compare :oops:

How did you match the names to the hens. Does nigella have the biggest breast and felicity the cheekiest behind? Don't go into too much detail - you'll get murdo excited :D

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