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Sardinia,Madeira or Corfu?

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We are not going abroad this year (well,unless we win the lottery that is),but I am planning next years jaunt with enthusiam.


I have narrowed it down to the above,& wondered if any of you have any experience of these places or advise?

We have 2 girls who will be 12 & 14,so it needs to be a nice easy place for them too.

Not too worried about beaches,but we like beautiful scenery & lots of places to visit.

We love Greece & have been to Cephallonia & Zakynthos before,so Corfu is pretty high on my list :D

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8):D Ooooh, can I daydream for you?

Sardinia is the only one I have experience of; lovely Italian food & hospitality, good accomodation, food & sunshine (v.hot)!

But, very expensive accommodation, compared to mainland or even other islands.

Also, great for a resort holiday, but not much else on offer I would say.

So, anyone would probably enjoy it, but for your money and the sightseeing/getting away from beach & pool aspect, I'd head for a different island or mainland Italy. (I love Italy!)

May I carry the bags Sarah?

We won't be having a holiday, but I love just a w/e away in this country, esp. if it involves an Omlet meet! In fact, I like holidays in this country too, there's so much to see. (Come to St.Albans, I'll be tour guide! :lol: )

Also, half the fun is the planning, so it's fun thinking about next year with you, Sarah.

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I've only been to Madeira out of those three - but we have been twice.


Great for walking - lovely Levada walks (alongside the irrigation channels - Levadas) There are definitely no beaches - and only a couple of flat areas. As a volcanic island that rises straight up from the sea, all roads are about 45 degree angle!


Beautiful scenery, friendly people and lots to do and see as long as you hire a car and don't mind driving on scary roads :shock:


There were a lot of EU funded roadworks going on last time we were there so some of the tunnels won't be as scary anymore :?

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I'd go for Corfu. I must confess that I love Greece anyway, but Corfu is really beautiful, and Corfu town is great. Lovely buildings, great market, and good places to eat. You do have to avoid the touristy bits though.


Never been to Sardinia. Madeira has the advantage of better weather in the winter I think (Corfu can be very wet - but plus side of this is very green for Greece). Levada walking in Madeira is good, but we found the locals rather unfriendly in one village we walked through (& felt a bit threatened) - this put us off a bit. Also very hard to get good vegetables in Madeira - we found they boiled what little greenery there was to death.


(Ah - holidays - one of my favourite topics!!!)

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Have been to corfu and madeira, not Sardinia, but have been to Corsica, just next door! which is the most wonderful unspoilt place, idyllic, do take a look at it it is my most favourite place , lovely quiet beaches and wonderful mountains and lovely little towns and the most fantastic country food, it is French but unlike anywhere else in France very unique and not too expensive, Good fun getting there too, there are direct flights form the Uk but they are dead expensive, we have taken a cheap flight to either Italy(Pisa) or France (Nice) and then taken the ferry over as foot passangers lovely then hired a car when we got to Corsica. I don't know what package prices are like we always travel independantly booking everything separtately. We have been 3 times and I love it! Sales pitch for Corsica over!

Madeira is nice, not sure about taking your girls though there are NO beaches at all, the scenery is spectacular but there are a lot of older people who holiday there, retired folk etc. We went in December and the weather was like a nice summer day here, really nice at that time of year but a friend of mine went in July and there is this low mist that hangs all over the island in July and August that never really clears.

Went to Corfu in 1982 , so a bit out of date, nice island though and like you we love Greece, although since going to Corsica it's now relegated to second place.

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Thanks for the food for thought everyone :P


I have it narrowed down to Corfu & .......Corsica :lol:

I know it wasn't on my hit list,but it does sound wonderful,doesn't it???

A girlfriend is going there this summer,so I will pick her brains when she gets back.

It being French will mean The Hubby is happy too :roll:


The girls need to go somewhere slightly more grown up than some of the thompson Superfamily things we have done in the past,so we will self cater & be our own bosses again.

Their criteria for a good holiday is sun,a great pool & "fit boys"...not unlike my own,really :lol:

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If you do go to Corsica, I'd advise against a restaurant called something like 'the windmill' (el molino?). It's billed in the guide books as having an eccentric owner and sounds rather interesting - but it was awful!


There seemed to be a sort of sitting system, so all diners were at the same stage of their meal at the same time. The owner took centre stage the whole time, firstly carving ham off a big joint in the centre of the room, and then flinging slices of it out to diners for them to catch on their plates! That was a bit weird, but initially fun. But it escalated as he got more drunk. It didnt take long for him to grab female diners to dance with him, and as he was doing so he groped them.


It was all quite awful, and as a diner only part way through your meal you felt quite captive. Finally we (and another table near us) sneaked out through the kitchen - paying staff on our way - because it was all to awful to remain through. A real nightmare.


However Corsica is probably the most beautiful place I've ever been.


We didn't find it as friendly as Corfu though, and the food was not as varied (unless you like pig products and aren't keen on veges).

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