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What a clot!

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Guess who drove our car (a galaxy) under a security barrier last night with a roof box on?! :oops:


I took Ellie to Guides at the scout camp field for a cook out, and it's a realy narrow entrance, up to now I've always been proud of the fact that I haven't caught the car on the gate as lots of others have done,


heard the s"Ooops, word censored!"ing sound last night and thought ****** parked and had a look round, no s"Ooops, word censored!"e :D


then I remembered the roof box :oops: , still on from Burghley :roll:


it's now an ex roof box, gaffer tape aint going to fix that!


boy did I feel stupid


karen x

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We had the cd on too, so by the time I heard the noise, I was committed to driving right under the barrier! plus there was another car behind me :roll:


I keep thinking we've had it a while and it's cheaper to replace than a side panel :?


still feel dim though :oops:


karen x

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We did that with a rented minibus once :oops: ! Once you hear the s"Ooops, word censored!"e, it's too late!!




I would have been there checking it over, tut tutting and charging the card at the same time!! :lol::lol:


I made a bit of a boob as the transit I was in got stuck so i thought that if the van was lower then we might still be able to drive under it :shock:

So I asked Andrea to hop back in the van :?:?:? not the most tactful move but she knew what I meant! Thought about letting the tyres down but couldnt pump them up again so I slammed it into gear and powered through it - left a lovely curve in the barrier too!

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oh i dont know about that


The old transits used to have those ridges on the roof and as the barrier went over each one was "Bang..bang...bang..bang...bang..bang...bang"


THe roof was left with streaks of black and yellow paint and I had to punch the worst dents out from the inside of the van so it wouldn't be noticed from the inside!

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I arrived home last week after sitting an exam, parked the car on the drive as always, came inside, got a drink, sat down in front on the tv and about 5 minutes later.... BANG - someone hadn't put the hand brake on quite enough and went outside to find her car inserted into the front flower bed, resting against the wall... Ooops.. Fortunately car is unharmed but I've cracked the rather attractive plastic cladding which is on part of the front of the house! :oops: OH didn't find it quite as amusing... :lol:

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I did a similar thing with a citroen zxara picasso thing at work


thought i had pulled the handbrake up but it wasnt the handbrake - it was the armrest!


The car was found in the road outside blocking the way for a lorry whose driver was not impressed.


I won't go near them at work anymore :!:

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:D Karen, I've done the same and it's horrible! We'd returned home from holiday, no food in house, popped to local shops which have a height restricted car park to avoid overnight parking.

Left brain on holiday, and drove confidently in with roofbox and straightaway heard s"Ooops, word censored!"ing. Didn't connect what the terrible sound was at first, so when I stopped, I was half way under. I also thought of Andrew's keep going theory, but it then felt as if I was taking the barrier with me. By now, it seemed just as bad whether I went forwards or back, it was well & trly wedged (Oh why did I go so far?)

Anyway, all I could do was :oops::oops::oops: whilst providing plenty of local entertainment for shoppers. Phoned knight in shining armour (hated being pathetic, but I was stuck for an idea!) LSH.

He made me feel even more stupid ("why didn't you stop immediately?" :oops::roll: ) and poor man had to be the centre of attention whilst he removed the roofbox, it was the only way!

I managed to watch from a safe distance so everyone thought he was the driver. :lol:

Which added to the :evil::twisted: of a :evil::twisted: situation.

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