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Chicken Poo Soup

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Last year I put chicken poo in a watering can plus lots of water and the beans just loved it...


I would be interested to know which plants other people have fed chicken poo too and whether they had good or bad results...


I have read that flowers dont like it... but am currently trying it on a potted grape vine and my sweet peas... Not sure if I am helping them or killing them :roll:



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We put all ours in the compost to help activate it. You need to be careful putting fresh poo on plants as it can burn the roots, so best bet is to stick it in a lidded bucket and let it rot down for a bit if you don't have a compost heap to put it on.


that said, the chooks were in my roses a lot over winter and they are HUGE!!

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I keep a big old plant saucer & trowel next to the run so that I can scoop out any bit, obvious poos when I attend to the chooks. The other week the rain topped it up, making INSTANT POO SOUP!


I tipped the liquid onto some of my outdoor pot plants before tipping the solids into the compost heap, and the plants are looking great!


It was very fresh but doesn't seem to have done any harm - I'll definately repeat this!

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If Chicken Soup is Jewish penicillin. What is Chicken Poo soup in Christianity Phil :?:



(he's out at a meeting - like he is most nights... :( )


ah - he's back!!!


(I was - of course referring to the famous series of Chicken soup for the soul books that draw in the whole Jewish chicken soup thing - well spotted Lesley!)


Chicken Poo Soup in Christianity would have to be one of those notorious things that is variously called..



bring-and-share meal

jacob's join (a Burnley name - presumably referring to Jacob's blemished sheep!)


where people bring a plate of food and it's all mixed together into a giant pile of crisps, cheese-scones, bits of quiche, chopped up baguette, big lumps of cheese, baby tomatoes, more crisps, cheese sandwiches, paste sandwiches, sandwiches of indeterminate content - complete with cat hairs, chocolate fingers - they always make an appearance! - fairy cakes, mr kiplings horrid cakes, and chopped up carrot and celery with a pack of four tescos dips..... (and so on) ...


it's all so depressing!!!! - Phil's definition: Chicken Poo Soup in Christianity..


(NB - we have now been able to abandon these in my church because we have a chef in the congregation who loves to cater for church functions - he wears his proper hat and does fantastic buffet carvery's!! - the envy of churches for miles around!)



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