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advice please...

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Good job you asked then :lol: ! Their feet are very different from chickens and the roosting bars would be impossible for them to cope with. They might even have needed a ramp to get in. They are also rather messy so your grass may well turn into a quagmire thanks to their little webbed feet.

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I think Kate and Christine have answered everything Kaz.........


Yes, you do need a different Eglu or a proper duck house and...


Yes, they will wreck a lawn quicker than chickens


The pond you have in mind will be fine.


Ducks aren't very good at taking themselves off to bed like the chooks do. Carl has to go out and herd ours in to the Eglu at night.


Also - you mustn't give ducks medicated feed, they will eat the same layers feed as the chickens as long as it isn't the medicated sort.

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