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Aaaarghhhh.......my car is poorly....sniff sniff boo hoo.

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Have just got back home from a short break with three friends.....i am so glad to say?

We decided at the start of the year to go to Boscastle for a couple of days so that i could take them to the most beautiful St Nectans Kieve,where, none of them had ever been before!

We had a great time.

It took us nearly five hours and three hundred miles to get there.

Unfortunately on the way back,on the motorway the water temperature light decides to start winking at me :cry:

We managed to get off the motorway and thought it was just that she wanted topping up?

We let her cool down before we topped her up and let her run for a while afterwards to make sure she was ok?

Bingo......thought we'd sorted her.

Off we toddle down the motorway and she started winking at me again :cry:

Luckily we managed to pull into a pub carpark before anything serious happened.

We manage to get our breakdown people contacted and within five minutes the RAC turned up.

Only to be told that it was'nt safe to drive :cry:

We ended up about two hours later getting taken home in the recovery vehicle.

Luckily we had managed to make it to Droitwich and only had to get to Mansfield area.

Will be trying to get her into the garage tomorrow to have her waterpump etc checked out.......more expense that is not at all needed at this moment in time :evil:

That was my first ever long distance drive i have ever done in my life.....talk about a bad start!

Luckily i suppose is that because i was'nt be going to drive anywhere from that point i had a couple of pints of guinness to settle my frayed nerves.

Rant over........i think :?

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